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The Billericay Shutter Company supplies, install, repair and maintain a range of rolling shutters, awnings and collapsible gates to the commercial and domestic markets direct to the end user.

Experience is essential within our industry and we are no exception with our management team having over 40 years working within the industry offering a professional and friendly service.


Below are details about the products we install all over Essex and the South East.



44 colour finishes to choose from


Compact fittings ideal for smaller spaces


Perfect for garages up to 5400mm Wide


Corrosion resistant insulated aluminium

Commercial and Domestic shutter range

Blinds and awnings range

SR220 Sunblind cassette awning

The stylish SR220 Sunblind cassette awning provides reliable and attractive sun protection within a neat & tidy casing.  Custom made  rom aluminum construction, the casing encloses folding arms with internal tension springs for slope adjustment.
These sections are available in white or brown and can be polyester powder coated as an option.
The awning fabric is manufactured from 0.5mm thick acrylic fibre that is both rot & mould resistant and dirt repelling.  It comes in a range of plain or decorative patterns.  Can be either manually or electrically operated (with optional sun and wind sensors).

LX321 Cassette Awning

An adapted front ledge and additional base plate allows the LX321 Cassette Awning to fully retract back into the cassette casing giving this design an attractive profile and compact look.
Everything (except the fabric roll) is fully enamelled, offering total protection, and when in the closed position all parts, including the fabric, are completely covered. The parts come in standard white or brown but a Polyester Powder Coat finish is available as an option. Operation is either manual or electric with optional sun/wind sensors.
The awning fabric is manufactured from 0.5mm thick acrylic fibre in a range of plain or decorative patterns that are both rot & mould resistant and repels dirt.

CA430 sunscreen

This futuristic, durable and compact looking CA430 sunscreen has been cleverly designed by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers.  The cassette housing seals the fabric both visibly and hermetically while still allowing excess water to drain away through drainage slits on both sides.  Assembly is simply a matter of hooking the cassette onto adjustable wall consoles.
Aluminum arms, tension springs and cables are all zinc plated for maximum durability and protection.
They are available in a range of RAL colours and operated either manually or electrically, with optional sun, rain and wind sensors.

VS650 Blackout blinds

The type VS650 Blackout blinds are a vertically hanging total blackout blind made of a special glass fibre fabric that can be neatly rolled up to a compact housing unit.  The blind uses a clever ‘double brush’ system to ensure that the fabric remains taut within it’s guides allowing smooth and accurate operation.  These blinds are well suited to places such as laboratories, photo studios, projection rooms etc where complete darkness is essential.
The box guide and brush rail come in standard white or brown but Polyester Powder Coating with special colours are available as an option. The fabric itself is available in a limited range of colours.

SC600 sunscreen

The SC600 sunscreen  is vertical hanging sun shade made out of a special polyester fabric that is held taut via a specially strengthened bottom slat, it can then be rolled and concealed in a compact casing when not in use.  It is ideally suited to rooms where other methods of sun shading are impractical for construction reasons, such as on high floors etc.  It has proved popular on verandas where little strain can be placed on the poles and has the added benefit of not obstructing the view when fully lowered.  Box, guide and bottom rails come in standard white or brown but Polyester Powder Coating is available as an option.  There are 3 different designs to choose from depending on your particular taste and surroundings.

T1700 winter garden sun-blind

The T1700 winter garden sun-blind comes in a choice of two materials, a polyester thread with PVC coating or alternatively, a fabric that is made from specially treated dralon fibre that repels dirt and mould and is guaranteed 100% waterproof.
This blind has been specifically designed to provide protection to both slanted and vertical sections of your winter garden to create a cool atmosphere on even the hottest days!
Operation is via an electric motor with the option of a sun automaton for fully automatic control.
MAX surface area per sheet is 16m2 with a MAX extension of 7m

TR850 terrace awning

The TR850 terrace awning not only provides a cool and attractive shade for your terrace but the extra m2 provided by this awning makes it a hot favorite with the catering trade as well.
The awning is made of fixed tube construction and covered by 100% dralon fabric (with a weight of 320 grammes per m2) that comes in a variety of colours and colour combinations. The fabric is both mould and rot resistant and is stored concealed in an aluminum box when retracted.  Operation is via an electric motor located in the shaft that unfolds the awning while a spring system ensures that the covering is kept taut at all times. The side guides are manufactured from extruded aluminum.

US 701/702 droparm awnings

The US 701/702 droparm awnings are ‘cassette’ type awnings that provide the fabric with protection against harmful weather conditions when in the closed position.  Operation is either manual or electric with an optional WZA (Wind-and-Sun Automatic) control system.
The awnings can be supplied with either Acryl or Soltis fabric.  Acryl comes in patterned vertical sections up to 120cm width.  Soltis can be supplied using the NCS system (Natural Colour System) providing subtle tones and nuances to complement your window profile or facade decoration.  As standard the screens are provided coated in either white or brown but other RAL colors are available at extra cost.  MAX width is 5m,  MAX length is 2.5m.

VZ500 veranda sunblind

The VZ500 veranda sunblind is an exterior  awning that maintains a cool atmosphere in your conservatory during the day and creates an almost magical ambiance once darkness falls and an indirect light (or candle) is used to illuminate the interior.  To withstand time, heat and freezing cold we use the most robust, enamelled, rust-free aluminum frames, plastic components and rot & mould resistant canopies.
The blinds are always electrically operated with an option to be electronically controlled.  A sun/wind sensitive switch allows complete automatic control and a constant internal temperature to be maintained.  MAX width is 4.5m, MAX length 5m & MAX fabric area is 16m2. The fabric is available in a range of colours with PVC coating.  As standard the screens are provided coated in either white or brown but other RAL colors are available at extra cost.

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